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Our Story


Founded in 1987, Adams Group Architects is a multidisciplinary firm specializing in architecture, consulting, landscape architecture and facility programming.


Nationally recognized for our unique participatory process, the Adams Group integrates behavioral research and participatory design philosophy into our ongoing projects. We incorporate the needs of the client through all phases of project planning, design and construction. The resulting facility reflects our client's vision and spatial requirements.


Our firm has received numerous accolades and honors including awards from the US Department of Education and the AIA of North Carolina. In addition, Adams Group has been recognized in the Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross publication School Design, which highlights innovative planning and design methods of learning environments.


Our goal for each project we develop is to create aesthetically pleasing environments. Our designs respond to the circumstances of each scale of the surroundings, to the cultural values underlying the program and to the unique contexts in which each project is situated. With this in mind, we strive to achieve the following:


  • Plan environments adaptable to individual needs with built-in flexibility that will serve the client for years to come.

  • Involve people affected by planning and design decisions in the process of making those decisions.

  • Manage the design process from inception through construction. Our design team works closely with clients to develop smart design solutions, while integrating behavioral, cultural and environmental strategies.

  • Create built environments in response to community intentions, goals and aspirations.

  • Recognize enduring cultural values and be committed to designing sustainable and ecologically sound places.


The Adams Group is nationally acknowledged for our inclusive participatory process. In order to develop environmentally sound and socially responsible design solutions, our firm has developed a range of cost effective techniques for involving large numbers of client groups in the process.


We treat our clients as our partners. Through our collaborative process our clients are actively involved in determining the outcome of their unique project. Our goal is to energize, assist, and guide you throughout the process so that the project surpasses your expectations. Since 1987 we have been involved in a variety of local and national projects that provide the best creative talents in architecture, engineering, interior and landscape design. Our success is based on the lasting relationship we have established through our focus on quality, communication, and service.

Our Commitment

The secret of our success lies in combining our clients' needs with the creativity and talent of our multidisciplinary staff. By tracking the latest trends and innovations we continue to offer new insights and unique professional services. Our commitment to superior value, superior service, and superior quality enables us to creatively contribute to a variety of projects.

Capturing Success

We firmly believe that our success in securing and completing any commission is an opportunity and an objective. Specifically, we take our work assignments seriously and have learned through the years to take pride in what we deliver. We perceive each project as a challenge and a goal for expanding horizons, enriching experiences, and creating an environment that captures success.



User Centered Process

We develop a participatory process tailored to the needs of each individual situation. Whether an expansion, renovation, or a new facility, a process is created to involve the stakeholders and may include users, administrators, staff, and others. Once the client teams have been identified the process will begin. This process includes a series of work meetings whose creative outcome is visions, programs, and design alternatives that satisfy the project goals.

We believe that it is our responsibility to design projects with the maximum level of sustainability possible, and that there is an opportunity to define goals and objectives and establish strategies for meeting them. Thus, our commitment is to create environmentally sensitive designs by incorporating sustainable design goals into each stage of the planning process of the project, while exploring economic and environmental benefits.

Sustainable Environments

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