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Community Solar

Adams Group is firmly committed to providing clean energy. We have been very involved in the installation and development of solar installations. Some of our solar projects are listed below:

  • Battleground Solar, Kings Mountain, NC 7 MW

  • Neisler Solar, Shelby, NC 3 MW

  • SID Solar, Shelby, NC 6.5 MW

  • Cape Fear Solar, Shelby, NC 5.5 MW

  • Lafayette Solar, Shelby, NC 5.5 MW

  • Lux Solar, Kings Mountain, NC 5.5 MW

  • Lynwood Solar, Kings Mountain, NC 135 kW roof mounted racking

  • Albemarle Lithium Corporation - Solar Array Car Charging Station

  • Heron's Nest Environmental Village - Roof mounted solar on residential cottages and offers the first Mirco-Grid in the state of North Carolina.

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